What its all about

I’m a single woman in San Francisco. I’m my mid 20’s and I have dated (a lot). By dating I mean everything from one night stands, to the world of sugar daddies, to friends with benefits, to relationships, and anything in between. For the first time in a decade I’m setting out to stop. Its not giving up on my search for love-its nurturing a different kind of love: my love for myself.
And so 2017 the year I try to stop dating.
I say try because as I write this I’m thinking of what I should wear to tonight’s date. My 2017 resolution is flexible afterall. Baby steps…
I can’t just quit cold turkey!
I deleted all my dating profiles which at this point was only tinder. But I had tried okcupid, match, the league, and even plenty of fish once upon a time. As soon as I deleted that final app I felt an unexpected rush of relief wash over me. Was it the feeling of freedom?

In a world thats constantly telling women that love is the ultimate goal its easy to forget how much other is out there for us. Its even easier to forget that we are complete on our own. We are enough.
I want to remember that. More importantly I want to finally believe it in my bones with unwavering confidence.

I will be sharing my journey here.