Oh you have synesthesia – thats a psychic gift!

“People with synesthesia see the world in a different way. Often they go insane.”

Thats the first line of the first article I’ve looked into, it sounds about right. Whenever I smoke too much weed or have an edible my synesthesia gets activated and more often than not I curl into a ball and wait it out as my brain creates flashes of imagery for each sound I hear. Some cars are purple blocks moving west while others are orange balls moving east music swirls into a constellation of colors I don’t understand I can see exactly what people are doing in the other rooms based on the sounds they’re making. Hand gestures, body language, lips, doors opening and closing. And if I hear multiple things at once I do start to feel crazy… needless to say when that happens I run for the Xanax if there’s any nearby.
When I tell people I get one of three reactions 1. That sounds so fun! you’re so lucky!! 2. I don’t think weed can do that…are you sure? 3. Thats a psychic ability you should look into that!

“The main causes of synesthesia are genetics and trauma. Some people are born synesthetes, others become synesthetic after experiencing trauma.  Many other things can cause synesthesia if they can alter neural pathways.  Examples include deep meditation and mind-altering drugs. Not suprisingly, the way to becoming psychic seems the same as the way to become synesthetic.  Some people are born psychic, usually because they have psychic relatives (i.e. it’s genetic). Some people have a sudden awakening after some trauma or near-death experience. Finally, deep meditation, mind-altering drugs and certain spiritual practices can “awaken” psychic abilities. ”
Well, I know my mother had the same things happen when she smoked weed its why she stopped. In a way that saved her life, my aunts loved weed and unfortunately that was their gateway drug that led to a lifetime of drug addiction. So it seems this is genetic…I’ll be asking my grandma next time I see her (my grandma is very cool you guys).

Maybe this is something I’ll look into, if there’s anything I do know is that I don’t really know anything and that there’s a lot of different ways of knowing in this world.


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