I’m a single woman in San Francisco. I’m my mid 20’s whose dated (a lot). And by dating I mean everything from one night stands, to sugar daddies, to friends with benefits, to relationships, and anything beyond or in between.

In a world thats constantly telling women that love is the ultimate goal its easy to forget how much other is out there for us. Its even easier to forget that we are complete on our own. We are enough.
I want to remember that. More importantly I want to finally believe it in my bones with unwavering confidence.


I’m airing out my sheets and learning to be happy in the comfort of my own solitude…and in the company of those life puts along my path. Ultimately – I want to learn from every person that walks in/out of my life while learning deeply from my own soul.

I will be sharing my beautifully messy journey here.

All photos and content are by me unless otherwise stated.