That Much I Know

They will come and go
That much I know

Some leave quickly,
others like slowly ripping bandaids off my skin
tearing away pieces of me as they go

Some like an open wound
Some like scars that can’t be seen
Some like a gentle hug so light I have to question if they’d ever held me at all

I was never built to become the woman they stay for
Independent to a fault
Aspirations soaring through the sky
An infinite hunger for discovering all the other I’ve yet to see
That much I know

I am not immediately soft
I scare them
That much I know

And still they will always come back
Once they taste my heart
They end up starving for what I gave

No, I am not the woman they build a home in
That much I know

I am a fountain of power they long to understand,
to hold,
to tame.
That much I know

I am complexity
and synchronicity
most people can’t hold that
That much I know

Maybe I don’t want to be held
Maybe I do

I don’t know

I don’t know